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We’re not one guy and a truck who might get a better paying gig 6 hours before call time. We’re a full-service rental operation working for you 24/7. We have unlimited resources–allowing you to be on time and on budget.

Free Parking.

Rent one of our trucks, get free parking!
Our new yard has 24 hour access and parking for trucks and generators.

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A La Carte Grip and Lighting too

We’ll match + beat any quote you have from elsewhere.

CFG started in a garage, grew to a storage unit, and is now in its second warehouse.
We’ll never forget our roots of one day and weekend rentals.

No job is too small for us!

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Cutting Edge LED Technology

Litegear Litemat, Quasar Crossfade Tubes, Arri Skypanel, Litegear Litestix, Kino Celeb 30 and the CFG ProPar

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Check out CFG’s privately labeled LED wash fixture and use it for your next film shoot or event.

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New Warehouse + More Space.

CFG’s got a sweet new warehouse with twice the space, 4 times the loading area, and 10 times the parking. We’re psyched.

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Arri Skypanels and Litegear Litemat Series 2 to the tried and true Mole Lightweight Fresnels. We have the latest and greatest next to the old and proven. If you are in search of a specialty item or something we don’t stock, we’ve got great relationships with many vendors in LA and we’re happy to get you everything you need so you don’t have to run around on your prep day.

Grip Packages

25,000 sqft of grip and lighting in Los Angeles. Let our 3-Ton or 5-Ton grip truck package make its mark on your show. Almost everyone who rents from CFG starts with a grip package and adds lighting, distro and production supplies from there! Don’t need a large grip package? Scale it back with a 2 Ton, 1 Ton, or Half Ton package with or without a cube truck, van or sprinter. If you can imagine it, we can assemble it.


Whether you’re renting one of our 3-Ton Grip Truck Packages or a truck for your production supplies, you can rest assured that you’re going to get a quality truck that is properly serviced and preventatively maintained with a box that can carry 20′ speedrail and has a 8′ wide by 5′ deep lift gate. We don’t skimp on our transportation equipment, and you shouldn’t have to.


From 13A suitcase generators to 1500A Movie Quiet Tow Generators, CFG has your back. Grab and go from our yard (free parking!) or schedule delivery, pickup, company moves, operators, and mobile refueling to round-out your full-service experience with us.

Entertainment Lighting

From Par Cans to Source Fours to intelligent lighting and our in-house CFG ProPar, we can assist you with entertainment lighting services. Touring grade packing with black pipe and base means your event can be lit smoothly.

Grip, Rigging, & Fabrics

Baby pins to hostess trays and other specialty rigging hardware, we’ve got it! If its not in the grip package, just ask us to add it to your quote. Any item can be rented on a 1 day rental if you’re just going to use it for a day. Add rags of any grade and size to your order as well! We only have the best and cleanest technical fabrics.


Rent a grip truck package and you get a Set Cart with a pay as you go expendables kit. If you need more, or you simply want to purchase a roll of tape, we’ve now a fully stocked expendables store at our new shop in Pacoima.

Production Supplies

As we started working with productions in search of an all-in-one vendor, we began to offer production supplies. We now have a full line of walkies, tables, director chairs, tents, heaters, folding chairs, set and safety equipment to help your show run smoothly. Pair them with a cube truck for a full service experience.

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