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Why bother with anywhere else?

CFG’s depth of inventory, well maintained vehicles,
and customer service make us the most reliable source
in Los Angeles for Cutting-Edge LED, grip and traditional lighting equipment.

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Cutting Edge LED Technology. 1 Day Pricing.

Astera Helios, Titan, AX1, AX3, AX5, AX10
Litegear Litemat Plus and LiteTile. Spectrum coming soon!
Quasar RGB and Crossfade Tubes
Arri Skypanel, Kino Freestyle, and the CFG ProPar are all readily available for shoots of any size.

More Vans!

Our standard 2 ton package–but now with liftgates!

Available soon.

Logistics on your schedule

CFG provides logistics of all types on your schedule.
Drop off & pickup any package, any hour, seven days a week.

You always get what you order.

We’re not a one truck operation. We’re a full-service rental facility with depth of inventory working for you 24/7. We have unlimited resources, allowing you to be on time and on budget, every time.

CFG's 2 Ton Sprinter Van Package

A standard 2 Ton grip package built into a high-roof Transit van.
Perfect for for small lighting packages and tight locations. More on the way!

Truck Parking

We have on-site and off-site 24 hour access and parking for trucks and generators. Ask a if parking is available for your job.

Full Service Production Supplies

CFG On Location has a full line of production equipment and production vehicles.

A La Carte Grip and Lighting

We’ll match & beat any quote you have from elsewhere.

CFG started in a garage, grew to a storage unit, and is now in its second warehouse.
We’ll never forget our roots of one day and weekend rentals.

No job is too small for us!

Astera Helios Tubes Available Now!

Astera Helios Tubes Available Now!

CFG now has the long-awaited Astera Helios Tubes in stock! Helios come packaged in a case of 8, and just as the Titan Tube, they have the same rear display. They are half the length of a titan, have 16 pixels, and have a nifty charging case just like all other Astera...

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CFG Adds Two Transit Vans to Fleet

CFG Adds Two Transit Vans to Fleet

CFG Just added two new high roof, extended transit vans to our fleet! They match our other transit in size and shape but these are built with dual rear wheels and Ford's smaller diesel engine. This means we'll be able to haul a little more weight and you'll get a...

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LED & Conventional Lighting

Arri Skypanels and the complete Astera line to the tried and true Mole Lightweight Fresnels. We have the latest and greatest next to the old and proven. If you are in search of a specialty item or something we don’t stock, we’ve got great relationships with many vendors in LA and we’re happy to get you everything you need so you don’t have to run around on your prep day.

Grip Truck Packages

You’ve probably seen one of our 15+ vehicles rolling around Los Angeles. Let our 3-Ton or 5-Ton grip truck package make its mark on your show. Almost everyone who rents from CFG starts with a grip package and adds lighting, distro and production supplies from there! Don’t need a large grip package? Scale it back with a 2 Ton, 1 Ton, or Half Ton package with or without a cube truck, van or sprinter. If you can imagine it, we can assemble it.

DMX & Control

As our industry evolves to embrace LED lighting, we’re finding that the ability to control is becoming faster, easier, less heavy, and extremely diverse. We’ve broken the DMX category away from the distro category and created a page that can help you build the perfect control scenario for every job.

Portable Power

From 13A suitcase generators to 1500A Movie Quiet Tow Generators, CFG has your back. Grab and go from our yard (free parking!) or schedule delivery, pickup, company moves, operators, and mobile refueling to round-out your full-service experience with us.

Grip, Rigging & Fabrics Dept

Baby pins to hostess trays and other specialty rigging hardware, we’ve got it! If its not in the grip package, just ask us to add it to your quote. Any item can be rented on a 1 day rental if you’re just going to use it for a day. Add rags of any grade and size to your order as well! We only have the best and cleanest technical fabrics. CFG also carries Max Menace arms, Long John Silver Stands, Hollaender Fittings, and more!


Rent a grip truck package and you can get a set cart with a pay as you go expendables kit. If you need more, or you simply want to purchase a roll of tape, we’ve now a fully stocked expendables store at our new shop in Pacoima.

Production Gear

As we started working with productions in search of an all-in-one vendor, we began to offer production supplies. We now have a full line of walkies, tables, director chairs, tents, heaters, folding chairs, set and safety equipment to help your show run smoothly. Pair them with a cube truck for a full service experience.